Karen Isaak Valdez, Realtor
Coldwell Banker Realty




Because Karen is committed to excellence. She is hardworking, thorough and can think creatively, outside the box. Karen is ethical and honest. She has many years of experience and knows the market well. Karen will respresent seller or buyer at a very high level.


 Karen kept our budget and house needs in mind every time we looked at a new house. She worked with us and made sure we could afford our house and still live our comfortable lifestyle. Karen gave us great advice when it came to inspections and moving forward with that.

We couldn’t have been happier with Karen! We could tell she cared about what house we chose.
My husband and I have already been giving Karen’s information out to people we know that need a realtor.  Megan DuVall, October 2018

My agent, Karen Valdez was the best I have ever had, ( and I have definitely had a few).  I thoroughly enjoyed working with her as she made everything easy for me and explained in detail what I needed to know.  Karen is knowledgable, caring, diligent, dedicated, and thorough and very patient.  I would recommend Karen to anyone and everyone when I have an opportunity to do so.  Rosemary Fox , May 2018



 Karen was Great to work with.  Every question was answered, and I had many. I am very much appreciative of what we accomplished and am humbled by Karen's efforts on my behalf.  Karl Ziedins, A happy new Homeowner!  February 2018


 By Randy Kresal on 08/03/2016 (Published on RateABiz)
Karen Valdez was a pleasure to work with. Four months of trying to find the right home, she was extremely patient and helpful! She listened to what we wanted and needed! She also was very attentive and went out of her way to answer any questions or anything we needed. She was there for us! Thank you Karen!!!


I had the pleasure of working with Karen Valdez on my son’s home purchase and I truly believe he couldn’t have done it without her. In the current crazy fast moving Denver real estate market you need someone on your side that you can rely on to be there when you need them. Karen was always available and on top of every aspect of the transaction going above and beyond to insure my son’s home purchase went as smoothly as possible. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.   D. Johnson, January 2015


We so enjoyed working with Karen and the Coldwell Banker Staff.  Everyone was so supportive, and Karen was available whenever we had questions.    M. Penny, February 2015


Karen was referred to me by my relocation company. I was moving to Denver from California and I had no real knowledge of the market. There was very little inventory available but Karen consistently found properties for me to review that met my criteria. She must have showed me three dozen places over the course of a few weeks. Instead of pushing me to settle, she patiently worked with me to find the right place. And when I changed my mind on what I was looking for, she pushed back and made sure I had thought things through. When I did find a place Karen was with me every step of the way through closing. I bought a newly-constructed house and she held the sellers accountable for a warranty and delivering the home in perfect condition. She even helped me pick out window coverings. Not only did I get great results, I enjoyed working with her and she made the process fun. Thanks Karen!  Mike Lipfert, April, 2016


Our experience working with Karen Valdez on the sale of our home has been extraordinary. Karen was very well-prepared regarding where to set the sales price, prior to meeting with us to discuss listing our home. Her knowledge of the area, insight on presentation and marketing tools, including the photo work and the virtual tour had our home in front of the right audience very quickly.   All of Karen’s up front work led to a quick contract and a deal that was a good one for both parties. Working through the closing preparation items after the deal was made has been equally as diligent on her behalf.

We would highly recommend Karen Valdez to represent you.

Steve and Cathy Giacin, April 2016

Our Agent was absolutely wonderful, we LOVED working with Karen.  We cannot say enough positive things about all her efforts on our behalf.  She was incredible at representing us as we live in Texas now, and she did everything for us in Colorado, we could not have asked for more... John and Whitney Cortner, July 2015


When your realtor texts you and asks how your settling into the new house, 10 minutes after you discover that your water heater broke and is leaking water all over your basement, and you can't use the water in the house because you had to cut the water line... Then shows up an hour later with dinner for us and wine for me, you know you have a good one! Thanks so much Karen Valdez. Unbelievably kind and helpful!   Lauren and JJ Simmons, June 6, 2016 


I have bought and sold half a dozen homes and Karen was by far the most patient realtor I've ever had.  She even talked me out of one place - I thank my lucky stars every time I drive by it!  She knew there was a more perfect home for me.....and we found it.   Valerie Blackburn   May 2016
Karen was incredibly generous with her time and knowledge as she helped me find a new home.  She was by my side through the entire process including post-close assistance.  We looked at dozens of homes, but Karen never was impatient or rushed me to make a decision.  


My wife and I decided that we wanted to purchase a home finally and had to start from square one. Being first time home buyers, we shuffled through many realtors and mortgage brokers for about a month until we finally came in to contact with Karen Valdez with Coldwell Banker; she was referred to me from a co-worker. From a first conversation on the phone I gave her the criteria that I wanted in a house (i.e. centralized location, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, hardwood floors, lawn size, etc.) and she thoroughly met each and every requirement I had asked for. Although it took a little looking around and some vetoes from our end we found the perfect first house for us. After finding the house and putting a contract down, Karen didn't just stop there and relax, she followed through all the way until we walked into the doors of the title company for the closing and signed the papers. She is extremely reliable and has the best communication skills to help us through the process. I would recommend her to anyone who is a first time home buyer or anyone who is looking for a step up. Thanks again Karen, you really made our wishes come true and we both greatly appreciate it more than you know.   August 30, 2017
"Karen was a great help to me in my search for a new home in the Denver
area. She guided me with her knowledge of the real estate market, prices and
neighborhoods. When I got frustrated in the process of house hunting,  she
would remind me that the right house for me was out there and we would find
it, and we did! I am enjoying living in Colorado now and Karen played a big
part in making my long distance move very smooth.  I would recommend Karen
to anyone new to Denver wanting to buy a home."  Denise Stone, August 2017